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I’m Sara Lynn!  I like to cook, play piano, sing, take pictures, travel, ride bikes, and drink coffee.  I am originally from Las Vegas, but I now live in Reno, Nevada with my hedgehog, Poppy, and greyhound, Bell!  I am a marketing manager at a coffee company in town, and I spend my days visiting local cafes, writing songs, and putting everything-bagel spice on…everything.

I recently graduated from the University of Nevada Reno with a B.S. in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  My long-term goal is to open a third-wave specialty coffee shop!  I have always loved writing, and I started blogging in 2012 to help document my favorite recipes, traveling, and life in general.  Most of my recipes are inspired by my family’s cooking, places I’ve visited, living in Nevada, and experimenting with new ingredients!


Some fun facts about me!

I went to a culinary high school where I specialized in baking and pastry.

I love music of the indie-variety, and I spend my free time playing piano, singing, and writing songs!

Some of my favorite things to do are shopping at thrift/vintage stores and hanging out in cute little coffee shops around Reno.  I also love hiking and exploring Tahoe!

I love dogs!  My pug, Sophie, lives with my parents, and I have a greyhound named Bell!

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  1. Wow, we share a lot in common! That’s SOO cool that you went to a culinary high school…I wish I could have gone to one too! I’ll be sticking around for more of your posts-great blog šŸ™‚

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