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About Sara Lynn Hunt | Serendipity by Sara Lynn
Hello, my name is Sara Lynn and I am the writer of the blog Serendipity by Sara Lynn.


I’m Sara Lynn.  Welcome to Serendipity by Sara Lynn, a blog about food, travel, and life in Reno, Nevada. Thanks for stopping by!

SSL is a my little corner of the internet fueled by cardamom, indie rock, tongue-out emojis 😛, and lots and lots of coffee. I am originally from Las Vegas, but I now live in the beautiful mountains of Reno with my greyhound, Bell. By day, I am a digital marketing coordinator for a restaurant marketing group, but by night, I like to cook, play piano, sling coffee, travel, and take lots of pictures.

I started SSL in 2012 as a way to tell stories about great food + exploring the world. My recipes are always creative, simple, cozy, attainable, and made with whole ingredients. My food is inspired by my Norwegian + Spanish + English (+ Etc.) heritage, traveling, living in the mountains, and just all-around whatever sounds good.

I dream of someday opening a third-wave specialty coffee shop, visiting Japan, writing a cook book, and meeting an elephant IRL.

To work with me, feel free to send me an email for rates and my media kit. I have previously worked with Sanford Ranch Beef, 10 Torr, and more!

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  1. Wow, we share a lot in common! That’s SOO cool that you went to a culinary high school…I wish I could have gone to one too! I’ll be sticking around for more of your posts-great blog 🙂

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