Thai Chicken and Rice Soup

This Thai chicken and rice soup is one of our favorite cozy, one-pot weeknight dinners that we usually make once a month, regardless of the season. Inspired by Thai flavors, this soup has lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce, and herbs for a spicy, fresh, and perfectly savory soup!

An overhead shot of a bowl of chicken and rice soup with fresh herbs, surrounded by another bowl of soup, herbs, and hot sauce on a grey speckled table.
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Pot Roast with Red Wine & Shallots (One-Pot)

This rich and comforting one-pot beef pot roast with red wine and shallot gravy is the best pot roast ever! This recipe is absolutely foolproof so it comes out delicious and tender every single time.

A plate of pot roast surrounded by a plate of potatoes and carrots and a bowl of salad on a grey background. A man's hand is spooning out some potatoes on a plate.
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