Funfetti Cupcakes with Marshmallow Buttercream

These homemade funfetti cupcakes with lots of rainbow sprinkles and creamy marshmallow buttercream are the best! They are a huge crowd-pleaser and are great for parties and get-togethers.

A side shot of a plate of funfetti cupcakes with white frosting and sprinkles on top, surrounded by a cake stand with more cupcakes, a bowl of sprinkles, a pink linen, and glasses of milk.
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Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats with Dark Chocolate & Pretzels

Toasty brown butter Rice Krispie treats with vanilla, dark chocolate chunks, and pretzels. These bars are the ultimate combo of salty, sweet, nutty, and chocolatey.

White plate filled with brown butter rice krispie treats with green and white flowers in the right upper corner and a package in the right lower corner.
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S’mores Sandwich Cookies with Salted Caramel

These s’mores sandwich cookies have fluffy marshmallow buttercream, salted caramel, and homemade graham cracker cookies dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with flaky salt. The ultimate summery cookie!

An overhead shot of a grey tin with s'mores sandwich cookies on a grey linen next to a wood bowl of salt, candle, and jar of pine needles with a white background.
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S’mores Tarts

Buttery graham cracker crust, creamy chocolate filling, and a dollop of marshmallow meringue come together to give these s’mores tarts an elegant twist on a campfire classic.

Two white plates with black rims topped with mini s'mores tarts on a marble counter.

If you haven’t gathered from all my stories, I was a weird child.  There were so many “kid” foods I deemed completely awful including both hotdogs and those Lofthouse sugar cookies from the grocery store bakery.  Then there was the list of normal kid foods that I tolerated.  This is where Fruit by the Foot and Velveeta lived.  Oh, and also S’mores.  I know. I WAS SO WEIRD.  As much as I loved the idea of s’mores, I wasn’t a huge fan of the actual thing itself.  Roasting marshmallows over the campfire was a source of entertainment rather than a culinary experience.  I usually ate one out of pity to the marshmallows, but the rest were either gifted or scraped onto a rock for the ants to enjoy.  Then, I would make a sandwich out of graham crackers and chocolate and let it get melty by the fire.  That was where I thrived.

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