Blue Cheese Burgers with BBQ Shallots & Jalapeños

These blue cheese burgers have BBQ-glazed shallots and jalapeños, salty bacon, and fluffy brioche buns for a savory, sweet, and spicy dinner. These burgers are simply decadent and one of my favorite meals to serve at BBQs in the summer!

A blue cheese burger with bacon, tomato, and lettuce on tan parchment paper next to waffle fries and a glass of beer in front of a grey background.
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Roasted Veggie Breakfast Casserole with Pesto

This roasted veggie breakfast casserole is the best make-ahead breakfast situation for holidays, brunch parties, or even just regular weekdays! It’s loaded with roasted seasonal vegetables, creamy eggs, pesto, and Mozzarella for a wholesome, decadent, and cheesy breakfast dish.

An overhead image of a metal dish with roasted veggie breakfast casserole on a white table next to a white linen, plate of casserole, and cups of coffee.
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Charred Broccoli with Breadcrumbs & Pecorino

This charred broccoli is tossed with red pepper flakes, lemon, and garlic, roasted in the oven until tender and crisp, and then finished with buttery breadcrumbs and freshly-grated Pecorino. It’s so flavorful, simple, and one of my go-to side dishes for any occasion.

An overhead image of a white oval dish with roasted broccoli, lemon slices, and breadcrumbs on a brown counter next to two plates of broccoli, two glasses of white wine, and a beige linen.
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