Thai Cucumber Salad

Thai Cucumber Salad | Serendipity by Sara Lynn

I just got back from Vegas, and it was hot as f%^#*@((%.  I totally forgot what Vegas summer is like, and I think I almost died.  There is no escape.  It’s like being under a blowdryer.  It’s that feeling of when you open the oven and it burns your face.  It’s like your body is turning to dust and also you’re pouring a waterfall of sweat at the same time.  But!!! I had so much fun.  I got to go shopping with my grandma and spent probably three days worth of work on sandals.  My grandpa took me to breakfast at the golf club on multiple occasions.  I went to the second tiki bar of my life (the first being in Bergen, Norway, fun fact), and I drank all kinds of rum drinks and laughed with my friends.  Then, I woke up with my first Vegas hangover.  I breathed in a whole lot more cigarette smoke than I have ever wanted to.  I also got lost in my own hometown, and I was offended.  When did Vegas change the roads??  And, I found a lovely specialty coffeeshop near my childhood home, which didn’t even open until after I moved away!

Lastly, and this is the biggest and most confusing change since I moved away, I saw a professional hockey stadium!  And like, ok, the hockey stadium has been there for a while, but we have a real, professional sports team in Nevada!  It’s INSANE around here.  Every sports bar until recently had been filled with black-and-gold laden hockey bros surrounding every TV in every bar across the state.  I hate to shatter the illusion that is Vegas, but this really is the most exciting thing happening in our state rn.

Thai Cucumber Salad

Now that I’m back in Reno, and it’s still hot as all get out, I’ve been working on summery recipes to help cool me down.  I’ve been making tons of salads and eating cucumbers like it’s my damn job.  I know that makes me sound like someone who doesn’t get out much, and you’d be right.  But I really do love cucumbers and especially when they’re covered in vinegar.

Back in Vegas, there’s this Thai restaurant that I love, and it’s the Thai restaurants that got me into Thai food.  It’s soooo good.  I think about it a lot, especially their basil noodles and lemon chicken.  However, when I moved to Reno and started trying other Thai restaurants is when I discovered Thai cucumber salad.  And I died.  Because it’s like pickles but so much better.  I will make an entire batch of this for lunch, and sometimes I add carrots and peanuts!  I like to make it with chicken satay, yellow curry, Thai noodles, etc.  Also, it’s perfect with BBQ even if it’s not Thai BBQ.  It just works for all things is basically what I’m trying to say.  I posted a recipe for Thai cucumber salad a while back, and that one was good, but this one is definitely the way to go.  If you need me, I’ll be on my back porch grilling and eating cucumbers in abundance, bye!!

Spicy & Sweet Thai Cucumber Salad

Thai Cucumber Salad

This Thai cucumber salad is an easy, quick recipe to make with curries, Thai noodles, BBQ, and more. Refreshing, crunchy, and delicious!
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Thai
Servings 4


Cucumber Salad

  • 5 small Persian cucumbers
  • 1 Thai bird's eye chili (or serrano), sliced
  • 1 small shallot, thinly sliced


  • 1/4 cup unseasoned rice vinegar
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • Salt and pepper, to taste


  • Slice cucumbers in half lengthwise. Scrape out seeds. Slice into thin rings. Combine with sliced bird's eye chili and shallot. Set aside. Whisk dressing ingredients together. Pour over cucumber salad. Marinate for about 30 minutes - 3 hours before serving.


Add grated carrots and chopped, roasted peanuts for a little crunch.
For a less spicy version, use about 1/4 red bell pepper, sliced, instead of a chili.
I recommend marinating it for about two or three hours before serving it. If you marinate it for too long, it will get very vinegary. To save leftovers, discard the marinade.


Serving: 1scoopCalories: 34kcalCarbohydrates: 8.8gProtein: 0.5gFat: 0.1gSodium: 2mgPotassium: 81mgFiber: 0.2gSugar: 6.6gCalcium: 10mg
Keyword cucumber, easy recipe, side dish, thai, vegetables
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xo Sara Lynn

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Crunchy & Sweet Thai Cucumber Salad | Serendipity by Sara Lynn

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