Black and Denim


I swear, one of these days I’m just going to start a blog called “Shit my Professors Say”.

Example entries:

“I’m going to apply some marketing concepts toward owning a coffee shop all semester. Although, if all you want to do own a coffee shop, you should just leave. You can do so much more fun things with these 4 years” (I want to own a coffeeshop).

“Now, this financial formula is quite simple, but I’m going to show it you guys in detail, because I oftentimes get a lot of students confused on how to compute it.  Although I’m pretty sure they’re all marketing majors” (I’m a marketing major).

“People normally consume their products quite publicly.  Unless you buy, say, a Playboy magazine, and then you might consume that alone in your closet…” (What?)

Anyways, it’s pretty clear my professors are on some kind of level that I’m not quite following, but I have to stay in college, because someday I might have a dog to support.

But in the meantime, I’ll just pretend like I understand my crazy professors and continue to work towards good grades.  I think that’s the goal in college.  Just go with the flow.  (Right??)


Grumpy candid
grumpy candid


In general, college is going pretty great aside from the fact that I have 4 tests next week (but let’s not talk about that quite yet).  Living in Reno is simply amazing, which is why I was super excited when my little brother was in town visiting me.  We took a nice stroll along the river (or stream practically 🙁 ), and he got a few shots in for fun.  In case you’re unaware, my little brother is a really great photographer, and I like to use his work whenever I can.  Here’s some more pictures by Garrett here and here.



I’m also pretty excited, because I wore my new shoes on this particular day, so they got some spotlight.  They were freshly thrifted ($5) so of course I couldn’t wait to wear them!  I think that black and denim is such a classic look, and the mary-janes added a nice touch.

I also used my new backpack bag that my mom bought me while she was in Italy!  Isn’t is so cool?



Shirt: Forever 21 Jeans: Lucky Shoes: Thrifted Bag: Gifted Bracelet: Gifted Earrings: Fossil


*Song of the Day: Snap Out of It–Arctic Monkeys

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