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Hello everyone!

I am here to share my wonderful, beautiful, amazing trip to Hawaii (finally).  Why did I wait so long to share this?  Because this is my (drumroll please) 50th post!  50 posts.  1 year.  Not to bad, huh?

I went to Hawaii late in July for 9 days and it was literally the best trip I have ever been on.  I cannot imagine a more beautiful paradise to spend a week of vacation on.

I decided to document all of the activities we did so I could share the best things to do with you!

We stayed in the beautiful town of Koloa on Poipu Beach at the Sheraton Hotel.  This was a great location because it was pretty close to every event we wanted to do, plus there were a ton of restaurants and shops to go to!

Here we go.  Get excited.

1.  Go see the Spouting Horn.

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The Spouting Horn is a famous blowhole in Kauai and was only about 5 minutes from our hotel.  You have to drive through a residential area to find it, but once you see it you’ll know.  Walk down the path for a few minutes, and there’s a nice little cabana of outdoor shops to take care of all your Hawaiian souvenir needs.  We visited the Spouting Horn while our hotel room was being prepped.  Then we went back and had a nice nap.  (7 hours on a plane will make you tired).

2. Go on a helicopter!

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The tallest water fall in Hawaii. It runs into 30 different waterfalls.

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Seriously.  Go on a freakin helicopter.  It was the best ever.

We went through Blue Hawaiian.  The tour guide/helicopter pilot was awesome.  For more info visit:

3.  Go on a safari (not what you think it might be.  Let me explain…)

This package is a 3 in 1 deal.  You get to kayak, hike, and zipline!  It was amazing.

First, you’ll kayak for 2 miles down the Hule’ia River.  I didn’t get any pictures ):  No phones allowed out in the kayak.

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After, you’ll get off, take a short hike, and end up here, where you can swing on a rope into a small pool of water…

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…A special pool of water.  My biggest celebrity crush, Johnny Depp, filmed part of the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie here.  I died.  To the left of me…yeah, that’s where the mermaid was trapped.  True story.

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You will then take a little trolley to the picnic area where they give you a nice little lunch and some relaxation time.  Then, it’s time for ziplining.  You will get to wear an awesome outfit, like the one I’m wearing above.  Cute, right?

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After ziplining, you will hike again to another pool of water where you can zipline into some freezing cold water full of sea turtles (apparently–I guess they ditch the water once people arrive).  This was actually a lot of fun.

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You can also jump off of the deck into the water.  That’s my brother taking a dive.

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You will then take one more hike through a tall canopy of bamboo…

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…and end up on a boat back to the shuttle (or car which is what we took).  They gave us a few boxes of Hawaiian cookies on the way back and told us stories about the legends of the river and surrounding attractions.  The mountains behind me and my brother is actually an ancient Hawaiian burial ground.  Crazy!  If they ask if you want to hear the stories, say YES!

Again, the tour guide was awesome and it was crazy fun.  Bring something to repel masquitos!  I still have marks where I got bit.  For more info visit:

4.  Snorkel

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My mom, brother, and I not actually in our snorkel gear but just having fun swimming!

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The gorgeous view.

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My mom snorkeling through The Tunnels–our favorite place to snorkel!  We did this on my birthday and it was an awesome way to spend the day!

5. Go inner tubing!

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This was crazy fun!  Probably one of my most favorite things I got to do on the island.  The tour had some thrill to it, but still had the feel of a lazy river.  You float in 5 tunnels throughout the “river”, which is actually part of an old irrigation system.

This fills up quick in the summer, so make your reservations at least 2 weeks in advance!

For more information (and the story of the irrigation system) visit:

*Along the way, they will take you to a viewing area where you can see the wettest place in the world:

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Mount Waialeale–average rainfall of about 420 inches a year.

6.  After the inner tubing, drive about 10 minutes to the Wailua Falls.

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Take a funny picture.

7.  Visit Hanapepe Town and go to Waimea Canyon.

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A beautiful view on the way there.

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On the way there!

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Beautiful views!

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On the way back!  Not only will I be living in the Biggest Little City in the World in about 3 days, but I also got to visit Kauai’s Biggest Little Town!

More little things to do…

1. See the sunset.

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See the beautiful Hawaiian sunset and climb some lava rocks!  Also, play in the ocean.

2. Relax on the beach for a few days (duh).

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The water is so warm so go swimming.  Try not to get knocked over by the waves when you’re right next to the shore (good luck).  My mom and I bought inner tubes, went farther out into the ocean, and had an amazing time swimming!

3.  See the ocean at night.

photo (17)

Gotta love that reflection.  And the cloudy night.  Thankfully, we got a full moon (:

4.  Go to Tortilla Republic

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Breakfast is awesome.  Dinner is awesome.  Go there.  Kukuiula Shopping Center.  (Great shops too).

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Have a Hawaiian beer.

5.  Go to a luau.

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6. Go behind the stores at The Shops at Kukuilua for a beautiful view.

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7.  See a seal (hopefully!)

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There he is!

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…look how happy he is in the sunshine.

8.  Make leis.  Release them into the wild when you’re done.  In Hawaii, you take what you need from nature and always return it.

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9.  Go to Bubba’s.  Yummm.

photo (9)

10.  Meet the locals.

photo (11)

11.  Go to Keoki’s Paradise.  We went there 3 times.  Once for my birthday.  Mmmm.

photo (15)

My dad was trying to eat dessert and take a picture at the same time, hence the blurry, but this is me eating my birthday Hula Pie (mint chip was my fave).

12.  Get shaved ice!

photo (12)

We went at least once a day (if not twice).  Try out Uncle’s Shave Ice.  It’s da best.

13.  Find you Hawaiian name.

photo (13)

14.  Cry when you leave.  And start planning your next trip.

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I want to go back to Hawaii so bad.  Soon!

A few tips:

Bring a water proof camera.  My biggest regret.  I would redo that if I could.

Don’t bring small kids.  I’m sorry.  You cannot do most of these activities unless you’re a certain age.  If you plan on bringing your children to the beach or pools, I would say just go to a beach closer to your home and save tons of money.  I guarantee I would not have known the difference between Hawaii and California when I was five years old.  And then you can have more money for all of these amazing activities when your children are my age!

This is just my personal opinion because the best part of the trip was all of the adventures we took.  However, it is all up to you.

If you have any questions about Hawaii, any of the things we did, or anything else don’t be afraid to ask!


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