Oil Cleansing Method

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Hello everyone!

I am currently recovering from surgery and although I am super tired, I decided I needed to wake up for a few minutes to write a post.  To make me feel better (-:

A few months ago (6, actually) I wrote a post about baking soda face wash and all the benefits to washing your face with a natural cleanser opposed to the name brand chemicals they sell in drug stores.  I also mentioned how I would test the oil cleansing method and let you know how it works.

I used olive oil as my oil of choice.  Some people use a mixture of olive and grapeseed and some people use other kinds, but this is what I had on hand and also my favorite kind of oil.

To cleanse your face with oil, you will first wet your face with warm water.  You will massage a small amount of oil into your skin (a little goes a long way) for about one minute.  Then, you will steam your face with a towel or in the shower for about three minutes.  I found it easiest to steam while in the shower.  Lastly, you will wash the oil completely off your face, dry your skin with a clean towel, and apply moisturizer.

The first time you do it, the texture will probably freak you out.  Unless you’re not a texture person.  Up to you.

You will massage the oil into your skin and it will feel like nothing is happening but don’t worry, it’s getting in there.  Just don’t scratch it into your face or anything.

Steaming your face will feel like forever even though it’s only 3 minutes.  If you do it in the shower, you can shave and stuff  while your waiting.  I recommend the shower.

You will try to wipe the oil off of your face but it will never completely come off.  No matter how hard you try.  Even after you dry your face, you will feel it.  No worries, it’s off.  It’s just how your skin feels.

And you’re done!

I did it in four parts: every day, twice a week, once a week, and not at all to see the best way to do it.  Here are my results:

Every Day:

        Doing this every day seemed to not have the effect on my skin that I thought it would have.  I still had about the same amount of pimples I had before.  Even though I never went through the purging period (where your skin breaks out as it adjusts to this method) I was still not completely happy.  A.K.A. too much work for not a great outcome.

Twice a Week:

        I did the OCM twice a week and used my baking soda cleanser the other five days.  I had a better outcome, but still a few zits left over.

Once a Week:

        Cleaning my skin with oil once a week was my favorite outcome.  My skin felt better, looked better, and was clear aside from the occasional breakout.

Not at All:

        Cleaning my skin with just baking soda kept me from breaking out, but my skin was drier than when I cleansed my skin with oil once a week.

blog 349

I concluded that cleansing my skin with pure, organic olive oil once a week, and with baking soda the other six days, was the best way to go with my skin.  However, I recommend that you try it the same way I did to see what works best for your skin.  Maybe even try a few different oils?

Would you try the OCM?  Comment and let me know how you feel!


blog 346



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