Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

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Hi guys!

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about how good coconut oil is for you hair, skin, and health.  I’m trying to grow my hair out right now (about 3 years ago I cut off over 10 inches and kept it short for a few years), so I decided the healthier my hair, the faster it will grow.

I really liked how shiny and healthy the coconut oil ended up making my hair.  I also saw that it is a great moisturizer so I put some on my face.  It leaves your skin a little oily, but it is also absorbed quickly.  I am definitely a coconut oil fan!  I recommend doing this around once a week, however, I am not a hair professional so if you have any concerns, please contact your hairdresser first!

If you’re worried about it ruining your colored hair, no worries!  I have some coloring in my hair and the oil did not make it fade or strip my hair in any way.

Here’s how to do a coconut oil hair treatment!

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Put about half a tablespoon of *organic extra-virgin coconut oil* in a bowl.  I have more than half a tablespoon in that bowl, but I used way too much!  If you get too much, don’t worry!  You can put in back in the jar.

You now need to liquify the oil because coconut oil becomes solid in the cold.  You can either put a small bowl of oil in a larger bowl filled with hot water to melt it (shown above) or you can microwave it in 10 second intervals.  I tried both and microwaving it is easier.

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There we go!  All melted.  As you can see, it will be clear.

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Dip your fingers in the oil and massage it into your scalp until your hair is completely covered in oil.  Massage it for about 10-20 minutes, depending on your patience. 

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You will want to put your hair into a bun when it is finished.  If you put it in a ponytail, there is a risk of the oil getting all over your furniture, clothes, etc.  Leave the oil in for about 1-2 hours.

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Wash your hair with shampoo and just a little bit of conditioner.  Do not put the conditioner in your roots because the oil makes your hair look greasy enough!  To keep it from looking greasy, I have to wash it with shampoo twice.  You may need to wash it more, or just once.  Just make sure you really scrub and rinse!

After, comb your hair.  I did not put any products in my hair, and I just let it dry over night.  However, I’m sure you could style your hair how you please.

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My hair looked really shiny and wasn’t frizzy even after sleeping on it overnight.  I left it natural like I normally do.  This is definitely going to be part of my hair routine from now on!

I haven’t been doing it long enough to know if it makes my hair grow quickly, but it does look healthier!  I’ll let you guys know if I notice a difference.

Let me know how it works for you.

Stay Serendipitous!


12 thoughts on “Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

  1. You have a picture of refined coconut oil… and you really should use unrefined. Even if it organic but refined, it really isn’t going to provide the benefits as unrefined coconut oil.

  2. should my hair be clean before putting the oil in it, or is it ok to put the oil in dirty hair?

  3. Hi Sara, nice post! This is what I have done regularly twice a week since I was a kid, you don’t need any conditioner after shampoo. Also you can use coconut oil for scars, burns and cooking.

    1. I’ve heard that from some people! When I bought this I actually had no idea that there was a difference, but when this runs out, I will definitely buy unrefined!

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