All I Want is an About Me Page

I didn’t think it would be so hard to put a link on my homepage that says “About Me” that would take someone to another page to see all about me.

It’s all I want.
I’ve spent years months hours trying to figure it out with absolutely no success.  Widgets hate me.  Pages don’t work.


I may have even had a panic attack about it.

So, until I finally figure this stupid thing out, here’s a little about me that you might want to know:

My name is Sara.  I love baking, writing music, playing piano, singing, working out, crafting, sewing, cooking, etc.  I am here to share my senior year with you and my journey into college.

And if you have questions, you know what to do:

Also, anybody who would like to give me a detailed description on how to add a link to my About Me page on my homepage is majorly welcome in my life.


Stay serendipitous.


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